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♪ best christmas the holiday's here! ♪ best christmas claire's mom, can you take a picture of all of us? ♪ best christmas ♪ best christmas oh, cheese! -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by muppet studios and everybody just kind of stood in the store and looked at each other like was that really gunshot wes heard? >> a gunman opens fire during of the heart of the holiday shopping season killing two people. the video just moments after it happened. >> this type of crime is something you see in the movies. >> it happened in san
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francisco. four women and one man police say bound and gagged a couple they knew. >> looks like any normal night, but the landscape was early different less than an hour ago. we'll show you that. good evening. >> the lights on the bay bridge are back on after being out for almost two hours tonight. both bands of the bridge went dark except for the tunnels. i took a drive over the span a little more than an hour ago to see what it was like. it's interesting how you take for granted the lights when you're driving across it. you're so used to it being illuminated when you're on your evening commute. >> still no word what caused tonight's blackout. i should mention a couple weeks ago the bridge lights went out as well. after a brief respite the rain is back on.
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this is what it looked like just moments ago in san francisco. roberta gop zooless is tracking this. >> it's amazing we're able to pick up light rain. it quickly fell apart. this is live high def doppler radar. you see this. and it this is about it. right now we are picking up a little bit of precipitation around oakland and also in emeryville. this will amount to less than .05 of an inch of rain. look at the sierra. we'll be finding rainfall and snowfall there. that's coming up later in this newscast. >> thanks. we have developing news out of north korea. the government launched a long range rocket and claim thes to have put a satellite into orbit. the north american arrow space
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command confirms that north korea did large an object into orbit. north korea claims the satellite is peaceful. other countries are concerned it's a cover for testing a baa- ic missile. three people dead after a mass gunman opened fire on holiday shoppers in a crowded portland-area mall. teresa garcia on the chaos. >> reporter: home video from inside an oregon mall shows a line of school children walking with hands raised while armed s.w.a.t. teams escort them to safety. at least two people died inside the mall. >> i went up to go buy the bag and then there was like 11 shots fired about and everybody just kind of stood in the store and looked at each other like was that really gunshots we just heard? >> reporter: the shooting happened in but burr ban
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portland. the gunman fired dozens of shots near the mall's food court. >> black pants and black jacket with a white mask on. it looked like just an over the face halloween mask. >> reporter: shoppers and mall employees scattered. waiting for police to arrive. >> they told us to stay inside the stores. then a woman got let out. s.w.a.t. members. they were ready to go and escorted us out. >> reporter: one american suffered serious injuries and was taken to the hospital. the gunman is dead of a self- inflicted gunshot wound. police are not revealing more than that. >> we believe there was one and only one shooter involved. that shooter is deceased. >> reporter: the mall remains closed as the investigation gets underway. >> two days after a man and woman were found bound and
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gagged police aired five people. detectives tell cbs 5 reporter linda yee this case is something like out of a hollywood story. >> reporter: four women and one man were arrested in a case that even baffles police. >> you see this in the movies. it's certainly disturbing when you find a crime of this nature. >> reporter: sunday evening a man and woman found nearly dead. the two victims were tied up, gagged, beaten, one of them was shot and dumped here in this visitation valley neighborhood. investigators would not elaborate on motive. the male victim eventually died. an 18-year-old woman remains in the hospital with serious injuries. investigators tracked down the suspects to a home in hercules. >> there was a relationship between the victims and the suspects. i can't get into what those relationships are. >> reporter: one of the murder suspects is 32-year-old maelene lintz of san francisco,
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identified by her neighbor on her facebook page. lintz's neighbor is shocked. >> unexpected. unbelievable. i'm more than surprised she was arrested. she's not a violent person. >> reporter: lintz lives in the garage apartment of the house he rents. she was living on disability benefits. >> she was telling my family story she got shot before. >> reporter: police have searched her place before today's arrest. >> belongings supposedly she had in her room. >> reporter: like what? >> computer, mattresses. >> reporter: police won't elaborate on what the suspects were involved in that led to the beatings and murder. >> teenage boy is now unat any time fortunately a statistic.
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he is san jose's 44th homicide of the year. officers responding to a car crash found not only an accident but also a body. cbs 5 reporter kiet do on the mystery. >> reporter: homicide detectives are withholding the victims name. they are saying he is 18 years old. this is a basic who done it. the crime scene was puzzling. a white truck jumped the curb and nearly backed into a tree. a teenage boy lay dead in the street. >> the truck is sitting at a weird angle. a body down near the truck. this is going to be where our crime scene unit really shines. >> reporter: the call came in as a traffic accident. they found a fatal donned wound to the circumstance. the circle marks a bloodstain. it looks like the 18-year-old had been stab. >> we're treating it as an isolated incident. >> reporter: evidence markers
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litter the scene as detectives tried to figure out how the boys attacked. neighbors say they heard popping noises and a car speed away. it's possible he stumbled on to the asphalt or was ejected from the truck. neighbors say violent crime in this part of san jose is rare. >> i've been living here 18 years. this is unusual. >> reporter: this is the 44th homicide of the year. there haven't been this many killings in san jose since 1991. >> investigators on the hunt tonight for an arsonist who nearly ended up a murder. someone hurled a molotov cocktail into this unit overnight. the complex manager lives there with her son. they escaped unhurt. the apartment was completely destroyed. so far no word on a motive for the fire bombing. >> contra costa will lose four
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fire stations next month. they're in walnut creek, clayton, martinez and lafayette. how the closures could potentially mean waiting longer in a emergency. >> reporter: kelly's teenage son narrowly escapes the flames when a fire beg your pardon their home in the ground. firefighters from her nearby station arrived in minutes. dousing the flames. >> it was a fast burning fire. and the way that the flames were going my fear was it would take another home. >> reporter: the next fire in her town will be worse. today the board of supervisors voted to shutter four fire stations including the only one in clayton to say $3 million. it means a lot of people who live in this area will go from having a fire station seconds away to mile ace way. we outed a camera and timed our
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drive to the nearest fire station. it took us 8:12 to arrive at fire station 223.5-mile ace way. that's obviously a bit longer man it would take a fire truck to make that same trip, but still people who live in this area say those crucial extra minutes count difference between life and death. >> every minute counts. now we'll have to wait that much longer for them to come from concord. >> reporter: some residents blame their own neighbors for rejecting a parcel tax that would have kept the stations open. >> if they want to blame somebody for the situation they should turn around and look at people that asked them not to vote for it. >> reporter: it's clear the consequences could be fire dire. >> it's hitting a tender spot with us. we've been through it. >> reporter: those four stations will be shuttered come
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mid january. no firefighters will be laid off. fire officials confirming this move will affect response times. live in clayton. >> as the fiscal cliff deadline approaches president obama and house speaker john boehner may be working on a deal privately. the associated press says the two have been talking secretly by telephone. among the proposals the white house may agree to less tax revenue but the speaker still wants to see what cuts the president will make. publicly neither side is giving away anything right now. >> we're still waiting for the white house to identify what spending cuts the president willing to make as part of the balanced approach that he promised the american people. >> what is required is, you know, agreement by republicans to some specific revenues that includes raising rates. >> and right now there is no indication the president is
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willing to compromise on his insistence that tax rates for the highest earners must go up. >> protests over michigan's right to work legislation carried into the night. earlier demonstrators were outside and inside the capitol as michigan's house passed the bill the senate approved earlier. protesters demand the governor veto the bill. >> i appreciate they have a different perspective. but this is the right thing for michigan. it gives workers choice. the workers freedom to choose. i view it as pro-worker. >> the new law means workers don't have to pay union dues while still getting union representation. >> thousands of san jose workers can circle a date on the calendar for what they'll be getting a raise.
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the city's new minimum wage will go up to $10. that's because of a measure that voters passed. they join only a handful of cities that have their own minimum wage. >> fresh dungeness crab is coming to a store near you. fish brokers wanted to drop the price saying high demand had led to low retail prices. they've agreed to $3 a pound. the local market should start receiving crab on friday. still to come, a pair of secret santas surprise shoppers in the bay area. >> an odd choice for a california elementary school. why it now graces the name of a man historians call one of the most dangerous gangsters his time. >> no matter how many bumps in the road and land mines you hit, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
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>> an east bay basketball player is breaking down barriers. oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter!
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actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. tonight. by adopting the name of a notorious califora an elementary school is making a name for itself by adopting the name of a notorious california outlet. vasquez was hung for murder. he lived a violent life, but he's also something of a folk hero. many hispanics view him as an avenger. >> he was not a murder.
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he was framed by the system at that time. he took from the rich and gave to the poor. he was your inspiration for zoro. >> several healthcare centers are named for him. so are a park and high school in southern california. >> a legendary contractor has been tapped to fix that giant sink hole in lafayette. city leaders have agreed to a $600,000 contract with c.c. myers to repair the big hole. lafayette city manager says the construction firm has a reputation for handling big jobs quickly. >> they're the people who rebuilt the san beer than doe freeway when it collapsed. and they're generally regarded as the best in the business. >> the sink hole is roughly 15 feet deep, 80 feet long and 40 feet wide. the roadway over it is gone.
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>> good evening everybody. we are calling on our live high def doppler radar to track this incoming system that has been falling apart minute by minute. our live cbs 5 camera paints a picture of the city by the bay. today's high, only mid50s. mostly cloudy skies. a hint of rain here. we are picking up a little bit of light green on the screen. we have rainfall at this hour. otherwise as we stay with the eastern portion of our bay area we have light rain drifting up. here is where the bulk of the activity is. it's now converting on over to snow as it mixes with the colder air mass. that forecast coming up for
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tahoe. today's highs, only 50. average high 58. today 56 degrees. we are now out of the 60s. not going to realize those temps till saturday. 40s overnight lows tonight. your weather headlines. rain has been developing, but it's short lived. spotty showers tomorrow. an active 10-day forecast. the rain, wind and cooler temperatures is what's in the forecast. again, this system falling apart. behind it unsettled air mass with just some light rain showers from time to time tomorrow. just very light. not even measuring up to much. as far as your outlook, we're talking about temperatures tomorrow. pretty much into the 50s across the board with that northwest wind at 15 miles per hour. your sierra forecast, a winter weather advisory in place with temperatures only in the mid30s. that's your pinpoint forecast. >> thank you. she spent eight years in
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the navy and served in desert storm. but gabby ludwig's struggle might not be as tough as the one she's facing now. vern glen on the barriers she's breaking. >> reporter: at mission college in santa clara you won't find too many players. not that she turns 51 this month. not that it's been 30 years since she last played. it's because she used to be robert john ludwig who spent most of his life knowing he was a woman inside. >> your body doesn't match your spirit. you search and search for what that thing is. and then when you finally become educated enough to understand what is afflicting you, you can decide to do something about it. >> reporter: ludwig completed a gender change operation in july. her proudest moment lately was
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last friday when the team escorted her to a court and a judge stamped a new birth document. >> when she came to us asking if we would go to her, of course. we want to make a point to show we want her on this team. she deserves to be on this team. >> he said granted. i turned to my players and i said let's play ball y'all. >> it's a courageous situation on her part to come back. >> reporter: support has been an issue. >> nobody to turn to. like so many other people who are transgender you get lost. there are still factions of people who don't understand. i understand the concerns. but the world is changing. and this is part of that. >> reporter: she's put the pain of a suicide attempt at age 15 and two failed marriages behind her. her oldest daughter calls her
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dad, but she's fine with nap her message to those out there hiding, questioning their identity. >> stick with it no matter how many bumps in the road and land mines you hit, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. >> i'll just never forget their laugh of joy. >> a secret santa surprise. a couple spends thousands of dollars on complete strangers.
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cbs 5 reporter juliette gooh shows an anonymous couple of played the role of santa at a bay area walmart. >> how christmas came early for many kids. >> reporter: megan aeroher little sister were christmas shopping with their parents when maddie spotted a toy sewing machine. they got it for me. the girls parents were randomly handed a bag and inside -- >> we both looked in the bag and we just went wow. how did they know that she
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wanted that toy? >> it's the sewing machine she wanted. >> reporter: the couple didn't give their names but employees spotted them hugging one another after their generous deed. joyce was working the cash register that day. >> he handed me the money and goes merry christmas to her. she started crying immediately. and then i started crying. >> reporter: maddie's dad recalls another charming characteristic. >> their joy of giving to her. i'll just never forget their laugh of joy. >> reporter: the couple spent thousands of dollars that day on merchandise. >> not wanting to be known, seen, they made the comment there's no cameras, we're not here to get recognition. >> reporter: as for maddie she remembers one charming characteristic. the gentleman happened to have a boisterous laugh.
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kind of like santa's. >> not coming back to coach san jose state. but we have a new coach for the spartans. the minute is next.
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san jose state will have a new football coach for the military bowl. give me the clock please. mcintire has decided to leave immediately after being named the head man at colorado. defensive coordinator will be the interim head coach when they play in the military bowl on the 27th. mcintire's old school. the tear drop in the lane. evan, he had 16. broncos over the spartans.
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former nfl commissioner overturned four player suspensions for their involvement in the bounty scandal. appointed by current commissioner roger goodell. he ruled they were just following orders. kevin youkilis is going back to fenway park. he got a 12-year deal to go to the bronx bombers. what ken? >> niners. another guy goes down. >> dobbs out for the year. invaluable. >> pearls of wisdom.
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